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JSS Almonds

JSS Almonds

Who are JSS Almonds?

Based in Bakersfield, California, JSS Almonds is a grower and processor of whole and natural California almonds. JSS Almonds is developing into a quality leader in the almond processing and marketing industry thanks to a wide range of goods and services and an expanding global market. They are able to surpass the expectations of both growers and business customers, as well as final consumers, thanks to their commitment to excellence and their stewardship, ethical sourcing, and food safety practises.

JSS Almonds serves over 15,000 acres and specialises in natural, whole, and brown skin almond processing. Their passion for their products is exemplified through teamwork, a culture of integrity, and their commitment to food safety.

Dedicated growers and workers at JSS Almond have been producing healthy, high-quality almonds in an ethical manner for many years.

For the more than 60 producers who provide almonds for JSS products, almond growing is not simply a profession, it is a way of life. Many of our farms have multiple generations of owners, and their families as well as their staff are integral parts of their communities.

The JSS supply chain’s sustainability picture encompasses the intersection of long-term economic success, environmental stewardship, and civic duty. Fundamentally, we are not interested in pursuing short-term gains at the expense of responsible environmental management and acting as good neighbours. It all comes down to maximising the advantages that support the three sustainability circles: prosperity, community, and stewardship.

What did we do for JSS Almonds here at Vine Marketing?

Firstly, we have designed and developed JSS Almonds’ website in collaboration with them. We ensured that we captured their unique brand and make sure the website reflected their principles and culture effectively. We also created a website that will resonate with clients and capture people’s attention in an instant.

We also manage JSS Almonds social media accounts, meaning that we can reach a larger demographic.