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Do you need a social media manager

Do you need a Social Media Manager?

Do you need a social media manager

In the previous article we outlined why having a dedicated social media manager is essential in the modern age, and we explored what a social media manager can do to utilize your social media activity – but, if you still aren’t convinced that having one could be a game changer for your business, let’s take a look at what the consequences could be of either managing them yourself or placing the responsibility on the shoulders of someone that doesn’t know how to do the job properly.

There are many benefits to this method of advertising. As you already know, you can personalize your message to your target audience, enhance and develop your brand, and give your clientele relevant, catered information that will hold value for them through the easily accessible platforms we use every day (Facebook or Twitter, for example). However, letting someone that doesn’t have the knowhow manage your social media presence is a recipe for disaster. Let’s take a look at some of the potential problems now.

Damage to brand reputation

Your presence on social media should mirror the reputation that you have built for your brand. Your organization’s image is going to be built through your online activity, so it is essential that the content released there is managed correctly.

Anything that could damage the brand must be avoided at all costs. Be respectful to your audience at all times and think before just clicking the post buttons. There have been cases of teams – unfamiliar with the then current state of social media, the climate, and what is in trend – actually causing businesses to go under, so without the proper training or knowhow you could inadvertently post an offensive tweet or something that may cause confusion amongst your client base.


Those without the right training have a tendency to go into the task at a hundred kilometres an hour! They have no plan and no way of knowing how to run a social media platform. Without a plan the page doesn’t run properly, incomplete or outdated social media pages are worse than not having one at all, and they reflect very poorly on the business. Not updating your Facebook page for a year projects completely the wrong image of your business, because how can you claim to be organized, up to date, and proactive for your clients when you can’t keep your own affairs in order?


Now, on the flipside, you can have too much interaction via social media. We’ve all been there, with the same company frequently popping up with a new post – this can be overwhelming and cause clients to unfollow your socials altogether.

As the adage goes, ‘quality over quantity’ – just because you post twice a day every day doesn’t mean that you’re posting the right information. There is a fine line between educating, entertaining, and informing your clients, and begging for their attention with constant posts. You must learn your client base. Depending what demographic you are appealing to, the amount you post and what you post will be very different.


Account hacking

Cyber security is a big issue in the modern world, and hackers are using social media as a bridge to your systems. Your brand is constantly under scrutiny, so the last thing you need is for a hacker to gain access and compromise the integrity of your product, service, or business as a whole. Although wholesale security issues are exceedingly rare, you must safeguard your systems from cyber attacks by using password management tools and creating a centralized system built with Firewalls as standard on all social media pages.

We hope these articles have highlighted how difficult it can be to manage social media channels effectively, and therefore prove to you that you need a dedicated social media manager in your organization, because it is the only way to ensure your social media activity is done in the most beneficial way possible. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact and find out if one of our experts could be the social media manager you are looking for.


Social media management and your organization

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