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Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Things have changed. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has transformed things – and it will continue modifying business for a while to come yet – even though we have learnt to balance the uncertainty that comes with Covid-19, it still has surprises up its sleeve that will affect businesses massively.

The landscape will continue to evolve, and we are constantly on edge about potential legislation change and lockdowns. How will these impact the trajectory and anticipated scaling of small to medium businesses? How can scaling be done successfully without over or under anticipating the future?

With these insights, your business has a better chance of not just weathering the new ways of working we are being forced to adopt but even thrive during these uncertain times.


1. Protecting consumer data privacy

E-Commerce is booming. Small businesses can look forward to recovering from the blows of the pandemic but may find it difficult without adequate support. To start off, data privacy has jettisoned to the top of business concerns for many. In response to loudening calls for better data privacy protection online, tech giants are slowly rolling out their own restrictions for data tracking.

You must always protect your consumers’ data privacy – a consumer that trusts you is one that will most likely convert to your services.

It is not a case of if you want to protect it, but that you must – especially in digital marketing, even if it means undertaking the laborious task of generating reports for your online marketing efforts.

You just need to optimise your ad campaigns and find creative and relevant ways to reach out to your existing customer base to resolve this issue.


2. Shorter video content is more engaging

There is an untold amount of content online – this makes it essential that you deliver your brand value as quickly as possible. Do not exceed 60 seconds in the length of your video in the modern age things need to be snappy and to the point wherever possible.

Look at TikTok for example. Instagram ‘Reels’ and YouTube Shorts are two other popular examples. All encourage their users to publish videos that are not over three minutes long – the shorter the better maintaining the attention of consumers isn’t easy in this modern world of instant content.

The shorter the video the easier it is to keep your viewership engaged. If your customer base has trust in your brand, then brand-published videos are more likely to keep them interested. The longer a video is the fewer people that will watch it to the end.


3. Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As the economy (hopefully) eases back into normal functioning, owners of small online businesses will soon face both the boon and the bane of customers raging to go outside.

The smaller businesses that flourished in the middle of the pandemic are the ones that are already equipped to cater to larger volumes of customers. SEO optimization allows you to capture new customers – employ local SEO and allow your business to rank higher for inquiries, all by using ‘buzz words’ and particular language to convert.

Your customers often don’t know what they are looking for and instead approach the search for goods and services blindly – using SEO you can appeal to and be visible to a clientele that was previously difficult to reach. At the very least, update and complete the information required in your Google My Business profile or create one if you haven’t already.

This can be difficult – if you need help, contact our expert team and see how we can guide you into 2022 with effective digital marketing strategies to help your business thrive.



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