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Update your website

Why You Should Update Your Website Regularly

Update your website


In our previous article, we highlighted the importance of having a website and a positive online presence in today’s world. But, once having built your website, you can’t just leave it there, the site needs constant maintenance and a vigilante eye to be sure that everything is as it should be.

Updates are essential for a multitude of reason:


Updating Your Website – Security

The number one reason for updating your website is security – your website will develop vulnerabilities due to out of data software, framework, or a plug in. You cannot leave this as it is, it will make your website buggy, slow, and may even make it crash, so not only will you not be able to attract prospective clients that way, but the cyber criminals responsible for the breach may take over the website and fill it with undesirable things.

Choose a Secure Website Platform

Businesses should use a website framework that is secure. Using a platform that doesn’t have a strong development community behind it could cause your website to be hacked without you even knowing.

Choose a Company That Understands Website Security

Be sure that the company hosting and developing your website understand just how important it is to secure your website and entire presence online. It is easy to configure things wrong and inadvertently leave your website vulnerable, so be sure that they know what they are doing.


Updating Your Website – Content

Content must be updated on your website, it is essential. The quality of the content on your website dictates the amount of traffic you get, and more importantly, how much of that traffic converts from just visitors to your site, to customers.

Useful Content Drives Brand Trust

Your content must effectively communicate not only the benefits of your products and services to your target market,  but also how you are going to solve the challenges they are facing that led them to visit your site in the first place. Useful, educational content broadcasts can show knowledgeable you are, and that helps build trust, in turn, increasing the likelihood of converting prospects into clients. Achieving trust from your target market is the goal, and doing so will make them more likely to buy your services – which, after all, is the reason you wanted the website in the first place.

Tailoring Design to the Customer

A website’s design should be built around the needs of the target market. This means filling it with content that that target audience will find useful, doing so will turn your website into a conveyor belt that converts visitors into customers.

Regularly updating your website guarantees security threats won’t cause carnage on your website, it also means that you can increase the traffic and conversion rates with new content catered to the wants, needs, and challenges of your target market.


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