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Website Trends for 2022

The Most Anticipated Website Trends for 2022 | Web Design

The Most Anticipated Website Trends for 2022


In the modern world, your website is one of the most important tools in your arsenal. For some industry sectors this is as close as their client base is going to get to the office. It is for this reason that it must always project your business as the professional well-oiled machine it inevitably is – it is always the first impression that can be the difference between a customer judging you worthy of their business or them thinking ‘Wow, if they put this little effort into their website imagine what their service is like’.


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Of course, there are some parts of your website that will never change – easy navigation, new interesting stimulating content, a modern visual design, etc. However, it is the new elements that guide these existing pillars which come up every year that really change the way websites are seen and used. Knowing the latest trends will help you make the necessary tweaks to keep your website updated as a web designer or website owner.

Let’s take a look at some of the website trends that are anticipated to be the most popular in 2022.


1.      Cinema-Style Homepage

The modern way to approach home page design is anticipated to be with a cinema-style homepage – these are full-screen video stories that quickly immerse users into the website. They are the perfect design element to grab the attention of your client base and make them feel involved in the process from the get-go.

Making your cinema-style homepage unique with – for example – slow motion, effects, or any change that makes it individual, will make it more appealing and memorable than that of your competition. This feature also minimizes the amount of text you’ll need on the homepage.

2.      Smart Content Load

Arguably, the most important factor for website success is the quality of user experience. A lot of websites are very slow and laborious to use, often because some website designers integrate heavy graphical elements in their designs. Modern day technology allows you to develop a website that only loads what the user needs to see.

User experience is one of the most significant factors for website success. Most websites are slow because website designers integrate heavy graphical and third-party elements which are completely irrelevant to the user. Top social media platforms around the globe have been using this technique for years in order to increase their loading speeds. It will also ensure that you get better returns on your investment.

3. Personalized Content

It is essential that your content is well thought out. You must create content that fits your customer bases interests, behaviours, and needs in order to increase engagement. If done correctly it can be the lifeblood of your organisation’s client acquisitions, with potential clients liking your content and then proceeding to follow your business, and ultimately get in contact.

Personalized content gives customers confidence and trust in you. By personalizing a service to them they feel looked after and appreciated – this can be difficult to achieve, and the right content isn’t easy to find or produce – but IT consultancy will provide you with the expertise needed to be sure your content is engaging.

3. Overlapping Design Elements

If done correctly, this is a great design trend, but it must be implemented carefully. Modern design allows you to overlap design elements instead of having to keep them in the same container. This design trend can help you build a website that is not just organized and professional, but one that is also easily navigated and engaged with.

If done incorrectly, it is easy to compromise your website’s readability – this is why you must be careful. You must ensure that you have previously planned and checked that all pages are readable once you have finished. Also, ensure that the pages do collapse without affecting readability.

4. Human-Like Chatbots

AI chatbots are a big part of the future of websites. Every business today needs to make customer interactions as seamless as possible. It is already a tried and tested method used to ensure your clients feel listened to no matter the circumstances.

AI chatbots interact with your client base almost as well as real humans, in some cases. They understand user intent through pre outlined algorithms, they can then help to guide your customer on the purchase journey. That makes them practical options for attracting leads, nurturing them, and pushing prospective customers down the sales funnel.

Investing in chatbots is one of the best ways to cut costs. A single chatbot can do the work of several humans – you can shut for the weekend and know your client base is still being directed in the correct fashion. This makes a chatbot well worth considering in your 2022 website design plans.



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