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LinkedIn Newsletters – Your Content, Inside LinkedIn

LinkedIn Newsletters – Your Content, Inside LinkedIn

Social media has become a vital tool to us all, not just so we can see who’s getting married or who’s in a relationship with whom, but also in the world of work. We are all familiar with the various social media platforms – but in business there is one that really stand out from the rest, LinkedIn. We are sure you have heard of LinkedIn and are possibly already an active member of the platform. Businesses around the globe use it to connect to those in their industry, find the right potential candidates for positions, and to advertise their own capabilities to organizations directly.

Like every social media channel on the market, LinkedIn makes regular updates to improve its offering to its users. LinkedIn now offer a newsletter option, so let’s now explore the addition and see what it means for your experience when using the platform.

What is it?

You may have realized when navigating your own LinkedIn environment that you can now write articles on your Company page, a feature that used to only be available on your personal profile. The new Newsletter feature is a new form of articles in your persona profile.

The Newsletter feature is designed to let you create a series of articles that you publish regularly. Your subscribers will automatically get an email notification that you’ve just published a newsletter, meaning that you will be directly reaching out to your followers.

What’s the difference between an article and a newsletter?

Why can’t I just carry on writing articles? They have been okay so far so we can’t blame people for having this attitude toward the new additions. However, there is one main difference between articles and newsletters – when you publish an article it goes into your timeline, which means that your connections will only discover it upon scrolling through their feed. Whereas, when you publish a newsletter your subscribers are notified, therefore increasing the chances that people are going to see, consume, and hopefully act upon your content.

So, what is the merit of creating LinkedIn Newsletters?


5 Reasons to Create a LinkedIn Newsletter

  1. Expand Your Audience

Most algorithms – including LinkedIn – reward content that is interacted with the most often. Put simply, the most engaging content will be shown to the most people on LinkedIn. As you know, the more engagement you achieve the wider your audience will be, meaning that you have more opportunity for building meaningful connections that could turn into business.

  1. Create Engagement

Some of the connections that you currently have simply aren’t relevant, won’t engage with your content and have little interest in what you offer. The newsletter helps you to dissect that contact list and refine it – when you invite people to sign up to your newsletter, only those that actually have an interest in what you are offering or want to learn more about your content will sign up. Also, the newsletter can be seen as the ‘door opener’ because, once your subscribers discover the great content you create on the newsletter, they are likely to check out any articles and posts that you have posted too.

  1. LinkedIn Newsletters Help Boost Brand Awareness

The more people that are seeing, reading, sharing, or in any way communicating with your content, increases brand awareness. A newsletter helps get your brand in front of the relevant people that are interested in your offering, positioning you in the forefront of their minds when they are In need of your services.

  1. LinkedIn Newsletters Help Build Reputation and Status

By creating valuable content that is relevant to your target audience you are gradually building a reputation as a trusted source of information. This will position you at the top of the pile when they are actually in need of your services.

LinkedIn Newsletters Help Generate Leads

By catering the LinkedIn newsletter you can generate leads for your business: it is a great method to broadcast your expertise. This makes your LinkedIn newsletter invaluable to your inbound marketing strategy.



In conclusion, the new newsletter feature on LinkedIn can be a great addition to your marketing activities. You just need to be sure that you are catering content to your target demographic – doing so will improve engagement, brand awareness, and the reputation of your organization as an expert in your field.


Realizing the Power of Social Media for Your Organization

We don’t just build websites — we develop innovative concepts and experiences for our clients. We can assist you in creating and managing your social media platforms effectively. Our team of experts will help you to utilize the new newsletter feature on LinkedIn to its fullest, in the process increasing the awareness of your brand, improving levels of engagement, and most importantly improving revenue. Contact our team today to see how we can help you.

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